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We got some top-tier pop music over here! love how instantly striking this is. Fans of Hatchie will defs get around this.
- Joe Khan, Triple J

Feels like I'm floating on a cloud with this one - effervescent stuff from you Any Girl <3
- Anika Luna, Triple J Unearthed 

Maker of sparkly bops, creator of killer hooks - that's Any Girl!
- Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

“Underachiever” isn’t just a single – it’s a bold statement. It’s Any Girl announcing that she’s breaking free from boundaries, stepping into her own light, and claiming her place with a sound that’s uniquely hers, and we are very much here for it.
- Happy Mag

‘Into The Black’ serves as a compelling introduction to a project brimming with potential, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the boundless creativity and unique sound that lies ahead.
- AAA Backstage

There's no denying REIJA LEE is a formidable creative force ... she knows her way around a big song and knows how to cut through the noise just enough to make her voice truly heard. 

- Purple Sneakers

"Did you finally find love, and it didn’t wait for you?” – this is the line that hits the hardest for me ... It cuts through the glimmering synth lines and retro-pop tones to make the listener sit up and realise that beneath the shiny surface, there’s a darker subject matter. And it’s gorgeous to sink into.

- The AU Review

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